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Hood Candy – Refined

This “piece of art” was taken at a Woody Show in Dana Point, California. After I processed the HDR image I then outlined the subject and “muted” back the rest of the image (the colors on the car behind were too bright – and attracted too much attention). Finally, I added the “pinger” onto the subjects. Hope you like it.


New Marine

This is a photo of a brand-new Marine Boot Camp Graduate. Michael is one of the thousands of young men who are answering the call of their country to serve in the Marines. Michael is Orange County “born and raised”; and those of us who know him are proud of his decision to answer the call to action.


Bird Watcher at Salton Sea

Last weekend I traveled out to the Salton Sea to photograph birds, mudpots and other local “color.” There were thousands of birds and I was assisted by several friends in learning how to capture these amazing creatures in flight. You won’t see any of my photos of the birds here (I’m still trying to edit my hundreds of bird photos…more on that soon). At sunset we decided to set up and try to capture a great sunset. Weather just didn’t cooperate and the sunset was kind of “ordinary.” I was able to get this shot of a local bird watcher at the end of the pier just after sunset. Click here to see the “large” version of this photo

Grunge Guy

OK this photo session was done with an eye of capturing a “grunge” look for the models. What do you think of the grunge factor. Is it “on” or too much. Guys think one way – women think another. What do you think? Could this Grunge Guy sell products or is it a “turn-off?” I really (and so does the client) want to know.

Grunge Guy

Two Sisters

One of my photo buddies, Craig, and I recently shot these two sisters. The setting is Newport Beach over by the “back bay.” The time of day is around sunset (yes, we planned it for that time of day), and the orange glow you see in the background is the rising moon. In fact the moon was a “full moon” which was just lucky (I’d love to say we planned that also, but it just wouldn’t be true). We shot for about an hour and a half and ended up with about 20 to 25 finished images for the family.

Two Sisters

Golden Days of January

This time of the year brings out the best (and worst) of weather changes. We move from cold to warm within the same week…today the air was warmer and after venturing out to downtown San Juan I set up and took a few photos of the downtown area. The home in this photo has been photographed dozen, if not, hundreds of times and everyone seems to concentrate on the front of the house. This time I tried to feature the fence as it glowed in the fading light of sunset. This is a great time of year to get some nice images – I will commit myself to making sure that I try to capture as many new images as possible.

Golden Days of January

High Flying Surfer…

This photo was taken a few months ago, although, I have just recently “processed” it. The image was captured at the Hurley Surfing event in San Clemente (Tresles) and it was part of an experiment to see if I could get a few good images while shooting at a slow shutter speed. During the morning session, I shot “normally” which is about 1/240 to 1/1000 of a second to freeze the water and the surfer at the height of the action. After a few hundred of these shots, you get bored and need to figure out what to do next. I like this image since it still shows the action and gives you a feel of what the spray of the water was like.

Hurley Event in San Clemente

Hurley Event in San Clemente

Thanksgiving is over and the leafs are turning…

Who sez that we don’t get beautiful color leafs in Orange County. There are a few trees in my neighborhood in San Juan Capistrano. Remind me of living in the Midwest…except that it’s late November and the temp today is 79 degree and I’m outside in a t-shirt. The weather keeps going from cold to warm within the same week and it drives some of us crazy. Of course, every time I see a few images of the East Coast, I remember that you need to learn to love the winter – or you’re going to very depressed.
Every section of the country has it’s individual appeal, and I’ve lived in Calif., Texas, Indiana, Louisiana, Mass., Flordia, Alaska, Turkey, and Viet Nam (very briefly), I always remember that I can back to California years ago; and while I have fond memories of all the above except Turkey (was in the military), Orange County is the place that just “feels-right.”

It's late November and we're just getting fall colors.

Family Tradition

Yesterday, I attended a workshop on Portrait Lighting using colored gels. Our model for the day was a young lady named Haley. During the course of taking photos I, and others noticed a tattoo on her inner arm. She explained that her grandmother and mother also have the same tattoo – three words (Saremo Sempre Insieme) in Italian which translated means “We are always together!”

This photo highlights both the model and the family tradition.

Haley's tattoo which translated from Italian means - "We are always together!"

Romance at the beach…

Last night I was a second shooter (assisting one of my Orange County Photographic Club buddies) shooting a couple at the beach. As you can see, I was shooting the “overalls” while Ron and Mike were shooting the closeups and portraits. The weather really cooperated and we got some very nice sunset at the beach which is exactly what this couple were looking for. Of course, it really helps that they were “naturals” for creating nice poses. By the way, Kristi really wanted to have her “boots” highlighted in the beach shot.